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  this Sunday May  19th

New* 3 on 3 plus Hockey Development! The Ultimate Hockey Spring Session!

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What equipment does my skater need?
    All Programs require skaters wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. Lace up skates are suggested. Plastic and/or buckle up skates are not recommended. Power Programs full Hockey equipment is required.
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    What Skates do you recommend?
    A leather boot, not plastic molded skates. You want to be able to wear a pair of socks not multiple. If a skate is too big the balance point and center point on the blade will be off and make learning more difficult. The boot should have support and not crease.
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    What Should my skater wear on the ice for learn to skate programs?
    Your child should be dressed warm, but not too many layers that will restrict movement. Gloves or mittens are required. No Jeans please.
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    Are parents allowed on the ice?
    Parents are not allowed on the ice except for our Parent & Tot program. If a skater needs you we will bring them to you.
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    Is my skater ready for power skating programs?
    For Intro to Power or Power 1 skaters must be able to skate the length of the ice forwards and the width of the ice backwards. Must almost be able to stop/can stop. Power 2/Power 3 check the Power Skating section on our website
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    What is your refund policy?
    No refunds; please register in knowledge of commitment to the program. Our programs have limited spots and you may have taken a spot another skater would have wanted. If you are no longer able to attend classes a credit will be applied to your account for future classes.
If you have more questions please contact us