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*Reminder no Skating
  this Sunday May  19th

New* 3 on 3 plus Hockey Development! The Ultimate Hockey Spring Session!

Current Program Information​​
Spring 2019
April 28th-June 23rd Julie McArthur Rec Centre

Information for Registered program members of
Harmony Hockey Academy
Welcome to Harmony Hockey! Skating development programs for all ages. This section of our website is dedicated to information for currently registered program members. Here you will find start and end dates for programs, updates and news.

Current Program dates and times. (SPRING SESSION.)

Parent & Tot 2-3yrs Sundays 3:10-3:40pm
Preschool groups 3-6yrs Sundays 3:10-3:40pm
KidSkate groups 6-12yrs Sundays  3:00-3:40pm
Intro to Hockey 5-12yrs Sundays 3:00-3:40pm
3on3 plus development:
-5-6yrs 3:40-4:30pm
-7-8yrs 3:40-4:30pm
-9-10yrs 4:30-5:20pm
-11-12yrs 4:30-5:20pm
Limited spots available

Location: Julie McArthur Rec Centre Owen Sound

Fall: Oct 28th-Dec 16th
Winter Jan 13th-Mar 10th 
Spring: Apr 28th- June 23rd
Summer: TBA

No Skating Dates:
-May 5th
-Victoria Day Weekend


Equipment List (Learn to Skate and Adult Programs)​​
Skates, lace up skate highly recommended
CSA Approved helmet (face mask for skaters under 6), Adult session helmets are optional, but highly recommended for beginners
Warm pants (slush pant good option) No jeans
Non-restricting clothing that is easy to move in :)

Intro to Hockey equipment: Skates, Helmet with face mask, jock/jill, neck guard, stick.

Power Skating and 3on3 session equipment:
Note*** Full Equipment is needed for power skating programs and 3on3 Equipment list:

CSA Approved helmet and face mask
Neck Guard and Mouth Guard
Shoulder Pads
Elbow Pads
Hockey Gloves
Hockey Pants
Shin pads
Hockey socks
Hockey Stick
Practice Jersey

First Day Information:  First Day please pick up your name tag at the registration table outside of Rink A. Skaters must wear their name tag each session. Skaters will also be assigned a group colour. Members who need to pay for progams may pay at the registration table as well. Note payment for programs must be made before skater steps on the ice. Thank you.

Ongoing Program info:


Power Skating and 3on3 sessions: Full Hockey Equipment must be worn for all Power Skating/hockey sessions.

Learn to Skate Programs: ALL SKATERS MUST WEAR A CSA APPROVED HOCKEY HELMET. Cage is optional but recommended for skaters under 6 yrs of age. Lace up skates are highly recommended. Moulded/plastic skates not recommended.

Skaters in our KidSkate Program in our Intro to Hockey designanted group wishing to bring a stick must wear jock/jill, neck guard, helmet with face mask.(must have passed level 1 KidSkate/Canskate) or can skate length or ice with glides and can almost stop.

Clothing: Dress your skater in warm non restricting clothing. Keep your skater warm but also be able to bend and move freely. No Jeans. Skaters must wear mittens or gloves. Power Programs Hockey Gloves must be worn.
Dressing rooms: Our dressing rooms may change week to week depending on programs that run before or after us. Check the board when you arrive for current dressing room.

Pick up and drop off: Please stay at the rink at all times during the program. If there is an emergency we need to be able to reach you. If you must leave the rink for any reason please let a coach know.

Note: No Parents on the ice. If your skater needs you we will gladly bring them to you.

3 on 3 rules and Information

3 on 3 Rules
Section One: Governing Play
All Harmony Hockey rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.
The President has final authority concerning all rules and regulations including, but not limited to, suspensions, expulsions and general discretion of conduct. Our 3on3 plus development sessions are 50 minutes long. Skaters recieve 15 minutes of power skating warm up plus 20 minutes of pucks and hockey drills. The other 20 minutes is used for 3on3 scrimmage. Teams can change weekly giving everyone the opportunity to play with each other. Our sessions are focused on fun and development.

Section Two: Teams
Only registered players may play.
A team shall be composed of up to 9 skaters and one (1) goalie;

Each team will play with four (4) players on the ice. 1 goalie and 3 players. 
Each player will be divided into teams that day with coloured pinnies.

Section Three:  Policies and Procedures
All HH players must complete a 3on3 waiver form first day for insurance purposes. Coaches and skaters are at risk without signing the policy and procedure outine. Harmony Hockey Academy has insurance on all sessions through the City of Owen Sound. At no time what so ever can your helmet be taken off on the ice, unless emergency. Full equipment mut be worn.

3on3 Zero Tolerance Rule

First ejection equals a one game suspension
Note: Not including the 3 minor penalty injection.
Second ejection equals a removal from the league
Note: Pending further review from 3on3 Convenor.
Section Four: Rules of Play
All games will be NON-BODYCHECKING.
All games will be one 20 minute period of continuous play.
All games will beplayed on half ice.
All games will be officiated by a referee
Penalties will called and penalty shots will be awarded at the conclusion of the game.
When play is stopped due to the goalie freezing the puck or a goal was scored, the referee will yell clear, no whistle and will signal the attacking players to vacate the zone. Once all the attackers have exited the zone, the players may re-enter to resume play immediately. They may not challenge the opposition until they have all exited the zone. Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team.
There is no centre-ice (red) line, and therefore no icing calls or offside passes.
Delinquent behaviour on the ice will not be tolerated. Offenders will be suspended by the 3on3 league supervisor.
It is at the discretion of the 3on3 convenor to decide whether there will be any further action taken.
ALL players are only allowed 3 goals per period.

Section Five: Shifts
Player shifts will be one (1) minute in length. A buzzer or whistle will run to signal the end of each shift.
Bench doors MUST remain closed until the sound of the buzzer.
Once the buzzer sounds, players must relinquish control of the puck immediately and vacate the ice. The new players may enter onto the ice surface immediately.
In the case of a shortened bench due to injury or ejection(s), at the sound of the buzzer all players must make contact with the bench boards; the double-shifted player(s) may then rejoin the action after having touched the bench boards
Failure to immediately relinquish control of the puck at the sound of the buzzer or new players entering the ice surface prematurely may result in a penalty (see Minor Penalties) for the offending team.
In the absence of a goaltender, follow these steps,

Find a goalie to play for your team, notify the league that you have found a goalie
Ask the league for assistance to find a goalie
Shooter Tooter will be used for the game if no goalie present
or Turn net around

Section Six: Minor Penalties
Coincidental penalties shall result in the play to keep playing on, referees will warn the players or asses penalties.
Any player having been assessed three (3) minor penalties in the same game will be automatically ejected from that game.
Players ejected with five (5) minutes left to play in the game shall be assessed a further game misconduct.
If a player is ejected during a second game under the same circumstances as (c) that player will be served a further one (1) game suspension.
A third ejection will result in a disciplinary hearing with the Convenor for further suspension or possible expulsion from the league.
Absolute zero tollerance for BODY CHECKING
Section Seven: Major Penalties
Major penalties will result in the immediate ejection of the offending player(s) and suspension pending further review by the Convenor.
Fighting majors will result in the penalized players being expelled from the league indefinitely pending further review by the Convenor.

Please note as the nature of the 3on3 development session is to have fun and improve; we may or may not keep score. Score tallies are not looked at as essential as teams rotate and change weekly. FUN FIRST!

Always Try Your Best!

Remember to Have Fun!

Never Give Up!